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Calling All Motorcycle Supporters

Join us February 20th at 9am at the Oklahoma State capitol building for the Sooner State ABATE Legislative M.E.A.L.! There we will be talking to our local representatives about issues effecting OUR Oklahoma communities.

We will be asking our reps to support SB1162, a Motorcycle Anti-profiling bill. We will also be seeking support for Senator Dahm's SB1081, an Anti-Red Flag bill. Senator Dahm, from Broken Arrow, is working to make the highly controversial RED FLAG laws something Oklahomans won't have to worry about.

If you can't come out, we encourage you to contact your local representatives to make your voice heard. Don't know who your rep is, don't feel bad. Just go to and follow the tabs to Legislative Links. There you can find your state and district reps complete with all their contact information!

We hope to see you there!

February 20th @ 9 am

#MEAL #SoonerStateABATE

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