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New Rider Alert!!!

I've seen a lot of "Just got my first bike and am practicing ..any advice" posts here is some of the best advice I have come across.

Hey Amazing Bikers! A few pointers from a novice to the newbies:

1. You will drop the bike. More than once. You have not failed, you are human working a new machine.

2. The clutch is your best friend and worst enemy. Make friends with it as soon as possible. It will save your life.

3. Brakes are to be both used. Do not listen to anyone that says back only or front only. That’s not real physics and it could cause you to wreck. Skin is good.

4. It’s an iron horse. If you’ve ever seen westerns where the cowboy directs the horse, he turns his head and moves in that direction. The bike is the same. Look where you want to go and the bike will follow.

5. Like the clutch, the throttle is also your best friend or worst enemy. Make close friends with it. Too little and you will stall and tip over. Too much and you might end up in the neighbors bushes or the back of a police car. Neither are good for your self esteem or pocketbook.

6. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Get in the moment and not in your head. Second guessing what you could have done will create uncertainty for what you need to do now.

7. Turns, hills and backing up are a challenge for even seasoned riders. If they can give themselves grace, so should you.

8. Smile 😊 You are attempting something that 85-90% of the adult American population wouldn’t even think of trying. That makes you braver than them. ❤️

There is no perfect riding style. You make your own with the basic skills a class will provide you.

If you are looking for a new riders class, check out my other blog posts for details.😀

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