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What Are They Doing?

If you see a motorcyclist moving from left to center to right in the same lane....they're not drunk or high. They are finding the best position to ride in based on many circumstances that constantly change.

That manhole cover? That oil spot? That small puddle? That asphalt repair patch? The grass somebody mowed out into the street? Those things mean nothing to you in a car or truck but can be a life threatening hazard to a motorcyclist.

When a motorcyclist suddenly speeds up, goes past you and then slows down? They're not signaling that they want to race you...they're trying to stay out of your blind spot.

I know there are some motorcyclists who ride like a-holes just as there are a-holes in cars and trucks. They're out there. It sucks because they make others look bad. But one thing we all want is to be able to make it home alive. Your vehicle is much bigger than ours. Please keep that in mind. Also please put your phone down and look more than once. 🏍❤️🖤❤️

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