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Keep the Shiny Side Up

Tips for Riding....

1. Slow down a little. That S curve is sharper that you think!

2. Just because your bike can go 100 mph between two stoplights doesn't mean you should.

3. Maintenance is that un-fun thing you do to keep from walking home!

4. When in doubt, always take a jacket. When not in doubt, still take the jacket.

5. It always seems farther back home than it was to your destination. Don't ride so far that it stops being fun!

6. Ride safe! No one wants to attend your funeral and talk about how much you loved bikes. They want to go riding with you and talk about what a great time you had.

7. Stop for gas even if you don't need it. You may wish you had later.

8. WAVE!!!! Even if the rider is on a scooter or a different brand. They just might be saving for their "Dream" motorcycle.

9. Don't ride beyond your skill level trying to keep up with the rider in front of you.

10. Keep your passenger feeling safe. They're riding with you because they trust you. Don't scare them & ruin motorcycling for them.

11. Buy quality rain gear. Being wet when it's warm is tolerable. Being wet when it's cold is miserable.

12. Riding 500 miles a day on the interstate is do-able. Riding 500 miles a day in the mountains is a LOT harder! Allow yourself time to "see the sights".

13. The larger the group, the longer it takes to get there.

14. The "ride" is about the Journey, not the destination.

15. Remember to have fun!!!

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